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Static Security

Event Security

Mobile Patrols

Alarm Response

Access Control

Cash in Transit

Welfare Checks


Our guards can be placed at your office building, venue, construction site, residential property etc. to maintain the security of the premise and/or personnel. We can provide guards for one of occassions (and at short notice) to longer contracts.


We ensure:

  • Your customers and employees feel secure wherever the location

  • Our guards handle potential tresspassing and vandalism by patrolling the area

  • Overall management of the area



Mobile patrols are periodic checks on equipment and premises including commercial and residential, which act as a deterant for vandalism and other criminal activity.


Cudgegong Security operate a patrol service every night at altering times to prevent pattern detection. Our guards are contactable 24hrs.


An example of an average patrol includes:

  • Ensuring there are no potential risks on or around the area

  • Ensuring all doors, windows, gates are secured

  • Ensuring any equipment is secure

  • Check for any damage to the premise and/or equipment

  • Detect any potential criminal activity


We can work with clients to address any concerns and identify any vulnerabilities at the property and implement a solution to possibly minimise risks. Our patrol vehicle is fitted with GPS tracking to ensure the job is being done at the correct site and for the safety of our officers.


In the ever-changing security world it is important to keep up to date with technology. Our patrol vehicle is fitted with GPS tracking which allows us to track the movement of our guards at each premise. Being able to show each client the movement of the guards on their site is important when building a professional relationship. It not only ensures accountability of the guards but also for our work place health and safety program.


In the field of security access control is the selective restriction of access to a premise . Whatever the premise you must be able to control who enters and when. An access control guard is an onsite

gatekeeper, allowing authorised personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors. Our officers are able to log all personnel and/or vehicles that enter and exit the premise. A physical onsite security officer has a greater control over this and therefore the ability to stop any equipment or other valuables going missing from a site.



Large public events need to be protected by security. Our guards can protect and assist with all aspects such as:


  • Controlling entry into venues or events

  • Monitoring and communicating on crowd behaviour as well as individual behaviour

  • Managing potentially aggressive, abusive or violent behaviour

  • Coordinating emergency evacuation of a venue or event

  • Perimeter checks

  • Traffic control

  • Cash handling


A simple private or home party can often be spoilt by unwanted guests (gate crashers). Protect your guests by hiring the services of our sercurity guards. We can:


  • Control who enters the party/premises, with invitation and guest list checks

  • Perimeter checks

  • Crowd control

Our guards are professional and can blend into your event but act as a visible deterrent.


Cudgegong Security works with a number of monitoring companies to ensure a quick response to an alarm activation in Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos, Rylstone and Dunedoo.


Responding to an alarm can be inconvienient and often challenging and/or dangerous for a property owner. That's where we can take the hassle out of this task.


When an alarm response security guard is dispatched to an alarm they will perform a comprehensive perimeter and/or an internal building check to look for any signs of unauthorised persons or sign of forced entry. The guard will check doors, windows and/or gates.


Before the guard departs they will phone the monitoring company and convey their findings.


All responses are documented with a job number and a docket number from both the monitoring company and Cudgegong Security.



Moving large sums of cash from your business to your bank can not only be time consuming but can also be stressful when carrying such large amounts on you. 


Cudgegong Security operate a cash in transit service where we come to your workplace collect the cash and take it to your nominate bank for depositing. 


Each collection is placed in a security sealed bag with a unique identification tag that is individually numbered. At each point the identification tag is checked and signed by all parties. Therefore on collection it is signed by both the security guard and the person organising the delivery of cash, once at the bank the teller will verify the bag has the same tag number and will again sign to verify.


Our security vehicle is fitted with a secure safe which is used to transport the cash as well as GPS tracking.

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